GS Die Pension
Guest House Website
Project Description

Keywords: Angular 2, API, PHP, Custom CMS

'GS Die Pension' is a single-page application/website for a guest house located in Griesheim. Front-end is programmed with Angular 2 while the backend and the API uses PHP/MySQL. Main features of the project were actually developing the CMS and the API. The system has a powerful custom built content management system. Beside the known standard capabilities like 'Page-Administration' or 'SEO Module' there is also a customized rooms- and bookings-management system.

The client has full control over his listings - unlimited images, equipment, attributes, price-ranges and more.

Front-end pages:

  • homepage with hero image and rooms listing
  • rooms listing
  • room details page with room availability, booking capabilities and client booking confirmation
  • contact page
  • directions page
  • generic user built pages

Back-end pages:

  • general settings
  • site builder - seo module - wysiwyg editor - reports
  • rooms management - seo module - reports - wysiwyg editor - images - room features - price lists
  • reservations
  • room options management
  • and many more

Project Details
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